Walking with The Queen

The Queen gets a bad rap. Let’s clear that up. When I sit in the Anointing Temple with people, The Queen often takes the most explanation, or even convincing. She’s one of the most difficult Archetypes to understand because of the many versions of queen in our culture. The associations we have for queen span […]


Anointing Ceremony | The Tantrika

Step 1: Take about 5 deep breaths, using your exhalation to release any thoughts or feelings that are distracting you. Step 2: Inhale the aroma of The Tantrika anointing oil. Notice how it makes you feel. Notice if it “lights up” any place on your body. Step 3: Notice if you were strongly attracted or […]


The Healing Room | The Tantrika

The Healing Room is where I share the beautiful stories of people putting Archetype Anointing Oils into practice.     A letter from Jodi: “Six years ago I began using The Tantrika after a painful divorce. It helped me heal the long term emotional trauma from that relationship. As my healing deepened, The Tantrika also […]

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