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Tools, Rituals, and Education for accessing inner Wisdom and personal Clarity

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Set of anointing oils with keepsake bag

Tools for Clarity

Lean into the power of our consciously crafted anointing oils. Allow scent and symbolism to unlock personal clarity. Each of our oil blends represents an archetype that aligns you with your path and purpose. Our oils are prepared in small batches with organic and wild-harvested botanical ingredients.



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Join the Tribe

We offer courses and events grounded in ancient wisdom, women’s mysteries, and aromatherapy. Whether you seek personal clarity, a connection with nature, or solid ritual skills, the river island apothecary curriculum is designed to help you define and manifest personal power. Join our tribe and access the awareness, expansion, and community you deserve.



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Live the Magic

Gather in Asheville, NC and other enchanting locations to experience the magic of scent and symbolism. Katie Vie leads engaging, sensory classes and rituals that align you with your personal clarity and deep wisdom. Join in with other like-minded souls and explore the complexities of seasons, scent, and the sacred self.



Katie Vie
Katie stands in profile with palms together in prayer
Founder of River Island Apothecary, Katie combines her connection with ancient wisdom and a spirited ability to gather community in her course offerings and her hand crafted anointing oils. Learn about the person at the helm of the apothecary, and the experiences that inform her practices.

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— Rudolph Steiner

Matter is the most spiritual in the perfume of plants



I bought a sample vial of the Tantrika anointing oil, and I absolutely love it. I've been integrating The Tantrika oil into a long-term project of strengthening my root and sacral chakras, and I can say with certainty that this oil is strongly supporting my work. Thank you so much for creating this and for being in the right place at the right time!

Diane Rose Harper
reiki master teacher, tarot reader, massage therapist, educator, & zine maker


Katie created a sacred space that allowed for everyone's voices to be heard, and contributions to be embraced. The atmosphere she created was that of a comfortable, vulnerable one. I could tell all the ladies in the room were at ease, and engaged as Katie shared her wisdom, and stories. I've heard from many of the women who joined, and they have all mentioned they were changed by that gathering, and have a new awareness of themselves because of the insights Katie shared. Katie is able to hold space for amazing organic conversation at the same time showing herself to be the priestess of the journey.

Micah Pulleyn
social barn raiser


Katie Vie has a special way of holding space. It is gentle and heart felt as well as deep and introspective. Before this class, my thoughts were super scattered, and I had a million ways I wanted to express myself and my calling. Sitting with Katie Vie and the other women in circle with the oils and archetypes nourished my soul and offered a clarity I have been longing for!

Sabrina Lutes
birth & death doula


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