Dear retailer!

I appreciate and honor your work in maintaining establishments that engage people with their senses and Beauty Medicine. My beloved stockists are all businesses with whom my professional ethics and aesthetics align.

If you feel like our businesses would be a good fit, please be in touch! Just email me at riverislandapothecary@gmail.com.


Below you will find details about beginning our relationship.

Samples: We’re happy to send you samples of the anointing oils and examples of basic packaging. Just ask! Kits and collections are not available as a sample.

Minimum first order: $700 // Minimum order per item: 6

Re-orders: $300 minimum

Special offer: SAVE $167 when you purchase the STARTER SET.

Terms: Payment due upon purchase for business outside of the Asheville area, or at delivery within Asheville. Orders outside of Asheville may include shipping costs.

Pricing: Our wholesale prices are simply 1/2 of the retail rates. Please enjoy browsing our Shop for pricing.


  • Each order includes a tester (.33 oz roller bottle with label).
  • At your request, we can include promotional literature and display items.
  • An Archetype Journey for your sales team (totally free within Asheville; areas beyond will be responsible for travel expense).
  • Complementary Archetype Journeys or Anointing Temples for your customers as our schedules allow (totally free within the Asheville area; areas beyond will be responsible for travel expense).

Our requests:

  • Please allow 2 weeks for completion of orders, as each item is a small batch blend, and packaged by hand.
  • Please keep the display of these items neat and beautiful.
  • Please do not display items that are damaged by oil or UV light (i.e. faded labels or oils losing their golden color)
  • Please do not display testers which are empty, or anything less than super-fresh smelling.
  • You are responsible for display. Please display these oils in such a way that damage of any sort is avoided. (Away from sunny windows and out of reach of children is a great start!)
  • These oils are 100 % botanical, and ultimately perishable. They need to move off the shelf within 1 year of purchase.

For orders and inquiries, email me at riverislandapothecary@gmail.com.

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