I am pleased to present the educational branch of river island apothecary.

These offerings are exclusively live and in-person. I truly enjoy the in-the-moment exchanges, epiphanies, and poetic insights born from physical proximity.

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introductory experiences:

A great way to begin or refresh your river island apothecary journey, these 3 experiences are short and sweet.

Anointing Temple 

An intimate one-on-one “aromatic divination” session to determine your current archetypal ally.  Find out when the next Anointing Temple is being offered by clicking HERE.

Archetype Journey

Hosted by you in the comfort of your home or studio, this journey introduces your group to all 7 archetypes. Please email to inquire about co-creating this FREE event for your tribe.

Seasonal Wisdom Circle

An opportunity for deep focus on a specific archetype and the corresponding season. Find out when the next Seasonal Wisdom Circle is by clicking HERE


Sensory Wisdom School:

Unique to river island apothecary, the curriculum of the Sensory Wisdom School provides a deeper dive into the realms of aroma, archetypes, and mysticism. It is designed for people seeking consistent in-person study with me. All classes are held in my woodland apothecary in east Asheville, NC.


A day-long retreat that offers a deeper dive into the season and its archetype. The retreats are held only 7 times a year. Find out when your favorite archetype is featured HERE.

Awaken your Wisdom

An intimate series of 3 classes designed to align you with your mystical nature.  This is the pre-requisite to The Mystical Year. Find out when this series begins HERE

The Mystical Year

A year-long devotional study of seven archetypes, aroma and the Wheel of the Year. This is the sequel to the Aromatic Mysticism series.


I am a psychologist who is trained in multiple methods of healing. I sought out Katie Vie and her approach to mysticism; she provided the sacred space I was craving. I used this time to notice and nourish my unique gifts to better serve my community. Since the training, I’ve incorporated more daily self-care rituals, feel more aligned with my path, and experience more magic in my daily life. I am grateful for Katie’s leadership in forming a community that met my needs so perfectly.” –Kari T.E.

“It was wonderful to connect with you. The experience of all of your oils was amazing!!! The words you shared really rang true for me.  I was blown away by the session with you and how the Universe provides just what we need when we need it. I will be taking the Mermaid anointing oil with me on my trip, to remind me of feeling safe and at home… And to not be afraid of the depths because “a Mermaid can’t drown”Tish

“I had the sincere pleasure of hosting Katie and her Archetype Journey in my home. She created a sense of shared community through an interactive experience that is carefully crafted through thoughtful preparation and yet wonderfully fluid to evolve as needed depending on the energy of the group. Her knowledge of aromatherapy is extensive, and when partnered with her powerful intuitive sense, it brings forth a beautiful gathering that is interwoven with intention and care. This is not simply an opportunity to bring people together but also a chance to learn something deeply meaningful about ourselves.”–Nicole

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